I call this site Confessions of a Gypsy Girl for a reason. Ive been a wanderer most of my life. I have not found home yet. I have been content to be a globetrotter, and I would not say I am rootless…my heart is firmly at home in Minnesota and I am not there. I am in transition.

I see transition as a bridge between where I am now and where I am thinking of being. Criteria:

  1. I’m 48 years old so do I want to live in this place for life or do I want to move home and make a place there for life?
  2. I feel I should be closer to my mother who has health issues. She’s at the home location. I am the only child.
  3. What does my heart say?

I feel tugged toward home, not simply out of a sense of responsibility but because I do miss familiarity. I miss home. I crave stability. I wish to stop wandering. I just don’t know completely where “home” should be. Perhaps I fear when I get there I won’t be happy. Perhaps I fear I wont be able to get a decent job. Perhaps I just fear.

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