Homeward bound

Twenty five years ago

I couldn’t wait to leave

it that

place I’d grown up in

purple with taconite dust clinging to everything

The walls had memory too. The fights, the screaming and cold silences that told me there were far worse things than hatred

like being together the


when love has long fled

My bright spots the cerulean blue lake stretching endlessly to the eastern horizon blue line beckoning

Canal Park

Wisconsin Point

Aurora borealis

4th of July nights with fireworks bay reflected

I stand on the other side. I know what lies on the far side of that blue western horizon line and

it has called me for twenty five years a

plaintative song pleading me to come home

Come home.

I fled ever onwards in the opposite direction

Pacific bound then Atlantic

foreign lands all

I saw so much water

so many gulls crying overseas all of it foreign and rough always comparing to my wide expanse of inland sea blue my sea, my cradle, my comfort

the wildness of her spirit alive in me always

Now it is time. I follow the siren song compass point north

due north as the geese fly in spring trailing experience and longing with me

I am weary of strangeness and crave rest for my soul

Seasons will pass now with me watching sailboats in summer then Autumn colors exploding over the hill then winters onslaught

Frozen bay ice breakers pushing relentlessly through steadily

Ship horns bridge horn opening

I know them all. It is there waiting for me. It cannot be the same yet it is familiar

Home did not slip away from me in the night so long

It is mine to make now, home




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