why do they think they own us that we are fertile


they can walk all

Over or

Possess I repeat the lamentation of my sisters across the ages that has fallen on deaf ears or preaches to the choir so

let me

Spell it out for you


means my consent not yours to consent with yourself that you have the right

the right to

touch me whenever you want or to pinch my ass or to hug me or peck me on the cheek while you talk about how much all the girls

Love you

trust me they don’t


isn’t you promising

me a future pretending to be the one

while your real agenda is to get into

my pants that isn’t consent it is

rape by fraud

you lie to get laid

I don’t


to that

Consent isn’t you and me getting drunk

together and then you screwing me while I’m unconscious that’s

rape that’s being a coward that’s criminal

I am not your new territory and I don’t need you mansplaining to me how life works

like I am

Five years old

I been spending my time cleaning up after you and cooking for you and pushing out your babies because that’s what my mama my church my society tells me all I am


Ok you can work sure but

you gotta have that career while taking care of the house and your babies and your man


Fuck you. He can cook too and clean he lives here too fuck this shit about how I have to be the one to be his Betty Crocker apron wearing slut while he

does nothing but tell me I’m

Not thin enough for him and reads Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition on the toilet pointing out all my faults compared to

Those airbrushed bitches

Fuck you society. I am a woman.

I don’t fucking consent to be owned and operated like a machine with no brain

I hope

I dream

I want


I consent to me.

I consent for those who cannot to be who they should be

I don’t consent to his last name being the name of my master

I don’t consent to his opinion being the only one steamrolling my thoughts into

silence or his fists slamming into my

stomach into my thoughts intimidation into a shadow of who I once was before I was required by society to become lost in


I don’t consent to little boys who can’t keep their prick in their pants and excuse raping and assaulting women because oh shoot I can’t control myself and that’s just how men are

Boys will be boys

I don’t consent

To locker room pussy grabbing jackasses talking trash to look like men when real men don’t talk like that or act like that

I don’t consent to authoritarian beasts sticking their flagpoles into me like conquerors

normalizing rape behavior when it makes men into animals rubbing up against me so I can feel their hard on

I don’t consent

I don’t consent to men legislating my ovaries I don’t consent to men’s self perceived superiority I don’t consent

I don’t consent