Saturday, in which I do absolutely nothing

Saturday is always been a fun day to me, and so I hope you enjoy your Saturday and the rest of your weekend, I remember to stop and take a look at the little things once in awhile. The little things are important, and often the most beautiful.

myself, by

eleven years of solitude
oneself the most frightening
eyes met in mirror image
what of the years it takes to know oneself
you never hear the music at first

the weight presses down brick hard
i still remember sharplykeenly your soft touches
castleintheair promises like piecrust of flight
you pointed
holding me tight
postcard promises passionlove your lips poetic

the suddenslicing way the emptiness greeted me
when you rejected me snakesilently
fading into dark

time tick tocks ticks
night falls softly light blue
twilight falling softly down

i hear the flock of geese fly over
honking in familial tones
i am helpless earthbound wingclipped
watching them fly in goodbyes


there is music
the song of oneself when
the night falls and at first you
dont look up
but there are stars there, way up high

a sense of selfness twining with the fear
and dancing
until one day the fear is gone
what there is
is the music of the song
of oneself

faint, at first
then crescendoing

into rainbows

2009 diane o’leary

artist; Edward Hopper
artist; Edward Hopper